Assignment 1 Feedback and Reflection


  • Technical awareness
  • Consistent approach to the set of images
  • Consideration of presentation

Areas for development

  • Composition – think about the point of interest in each image
  • Develop the self assessment
  • Independent Research

Response to Feedback

The best way to describe the feedback on this first assignment is relief, relief that I finally got the first one out of the way. I had considered two idea for the assignment and given the feedback it may have been a better route for me. That said the comments were very encouraging and highlighted some of the issues I saw in the initial set of images, which is one of composition and this was around the position of the shots on the road some on foot and some in the car. This was not the consistent feel I wanted to go for. With this in mind I do plan to go back and revisit this assignment at some point to make a more consistent set of images.

In terms of discussing the why behind the images, it was suggested that the captions should be removed and let the images speak for themselves. Ultimately the goal I was trying to achieve with these, was more an absence of awareness for my surroundings other than being focused on the journey ahead and the thoughts in my head and on the flip side a longing for home and a return home and what the days would bring, so that’s when I started thinking about a combination of mono and colour images to represent the emotion attached to the journey.

In terms of the reflection, critical thinking and research there is a need to expand more in all areas, especially research as I only looked at the one practitioner for this assignment. I sense research is something I will struggle with as I go through this course. In hindsight I think struggling with the initial concept didn’t help either and in so doing, I struggled with the research. I think the important thing to take away from this is engage with the idea and just read up on it until something clicks, then go from there.

Suggested Resources and Reading

The next assignment is themed so it was suggested looking at the work of the following: – Click here to see my research – Click here to see my research

It’s always good to look at the work of your peers to see how they approached the assignment and the research they carried out.

In looking at Charlottes approach

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