Assignment 3 Feedback and Reflection


  • Prepared to experiment with techniques
  • series/sequence consistency
  • coursework in assignment workflow/development

Areas for development

  • Look more closely at composition and setting
  • Document independent reading and research in Learning Log
  • Interaction with peers

Response to Feedback

I was really happy with the way the assignment had been received, especially after having to rethink my approach to the assignment owing to the circumstances at the the time along with this being the underlying reason for starting the fourth part whilst reconsidering my options for the (IN)decisive moment. One great piece of feedback here was the possibility of looking at the abstract nature of the assignment as another piece of work, which offers up a multitude of ideas worth exploring which as suggested could be added to my learning log. In hindsight my thought process would have benefitted from the suggestion of perhaps using a spider diagram or examples of ideas that were considered for this assignment as another one of my early ideas was with children at play, bubble guns and machines.

The real weakness in this assignment is the lack of research content, yet the actual physical work of reading, listening and watching was boundless. In reworking this assignment I will be able to address this quite simply, which should provide a clear rationale behind my approach. There was a concern that some of the images were a bit on the dark side, which I may revisit, seems part of research into dark contrast heavily influenced my choice of presentation here and gain it would have been worth providing some evidence to that affect.

I explored a number of diverging themes on DM, on of which included DM in landscape photography, which was not made clear in this assignment and to be clear I had dismissed them as a result of taking a different path. That said it would have been worthwhile adding that as a further piece of research, which I now plan to do.

My approach to part 3 was well received, which made me both happy and relieved at the same time. In hindsight I probably worried a little too much about it, but nevertheless it was an interesting concept to work with as well as opening my eyes to some new ideas and concepts I had not considered before. This is where the lesson is, being open to new ideas and in contrast to assignment four a much better outcome.

Suggested Resources and Reading

The Deadpan Aesthetic

I pointed you in the direction of Discuss/OCA and some recent uploads of students from different courses looking for feedback on their work.

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