Image Distress

Of late I have become aware of some limitations in the functionality of the site involving the images I had been uploading. I was not very happy with the look and feel especially since I could not view the images as I had originally intended. So today I spent a little time looking at some options for viewing full size images and being able to control which images I wanted to view full size in each post. There is already some functionality there but It was not obvious to the user that they could click to enlarge the image. After a very brief search on the internet I came across a recommendation for a very simple plugin “WP Featherlight”, a very simple jQuery lightbox that changed the point to a zoom pointer, a little more obvious for the user to click on the image to view it in all its glory.

Below is a sample image taken from my old neglected Flickr account:

  • Taken: 8 May, 2020

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