Preparing for Submission

11 August 2020

I thought this be therapeutic for me to just consolidate some of my work and thoughts as I prepare to get this small body of work ready before requesting submission. Having been granted a small extension as requested, it gives me the opportunity to add the scribbles, ideas and unfinished bits of research to my learning log. Yesterday so the submission of my final assignment for this unit and I would like to give a heartfelt thank you to those that have given me feedback along the way and my tutor for his support and valuable wisdom.

The biggest weakness lies in my learning log and not for the lack of research or anything, but just because most of what I have read and watched is just that apart from some ideas I have latched onto along the way. So now that work begins and by far the simplest place to start will be to putting my response to the feedback I have to date from my tutor along with the supporting reworking of some of the assignments. From there and in between I shall be adding supporting pieces of research and books that have captured my imagination along the way. In addition there are 3 further pieces of work in progress projects that I’d like to complete.

So today I have added the remaining feedback reflection and drawn up a to do list for some rework I plan for assignments 2, 3 and 4. assignment 2 I am reshooting, but I have a clear idea of what I want and how I am going to set this up. Assignment 3 is mainly filling in the gaps in the research I had down to provide a clearer context and then provide more research as part of my learning log to look at abstract photography and DM in more detail. Assignment 4 has been reshot and I will add stronger context and supporting research to this assignment.

The Learning Log has been broken down into sections covering research projects, photographers and books. Some of this will be relatively straightforward and the remainder I have a pretty clear idea on what I want to do.

12 August

Today I decided upon my final approach to reworking assignments. Assignment 2 I have wanted to reshoot for the longest and whilst I was quite happy with the feedback, I was not happy with the quality of the shots, especially as I tried sticking to a low ISO. At this point there is now the opportunity to redo this and improve the quality of the shots without losing the essence of the message.

Assignment 3 we’ve already covered and assignment 4 I have decided to reshoot purely because I want to create a more cohesive set for the reworking of that assignment. However I will be retaining those images which will be used as part of the building block for the rework I have planned.

I have also started pulling together additional reference material for photographers and books that I have come across from the course.

14 August

A number of updates today, working through notes and reference points for my scanography exercise. I think the challenge will be to keep this quite concise as I could quite easily get carried away with all the technical aspects of it. I have also purchased some new reading materials today On photography by Susan Sontag, The Artists Way by Julia Cameron and On Landscapes, Interiors and the Nude by Todd Hido as I am finding the benefits of exposing myself to other viewpoints, which has clearly had an impact on my approach to my studies.

19 August

I finished reshooting my approach to assignment 4 again with the focus on life and death (using flowers) and posted one of the useable images as a diptych to the group to gauge feedback. I was not expecting a response as responses are scarce when posting for peer feedback. In this instance I received a response, which was fairly positive for the direction I wanted to take with the assignment. I should hopefully get this finished next week so that I can get this assignment finished. Still got quite a lot to do before the end of the month and I’m having to go back over research I had done previously with scribbles making less sense than they did before. It could be as a result of all the other work I’m doing making me re-evaluate my thoughts and approach to the subject. Still have to stay focused.

23rd August

Just notes, notes, notes last few days, finished work this morning and the day hasn’t stopped. Just prepping for the final shoot of assignment 4 tomorrow and a new idea for the heads concept on assignment 2, which should be easier to shoot, I just need to get everybody together to reshoot on Wednesday. It’s late so I need to sleep.

24th August

Today has been all about reshooting the final images for the diptychs that form the new approach for assignment 4, the lilies were a little worse for wear, which made the shoot a little more challenging, but I think the outcome looks good, we shall see.

25th August

Just picked up a missed mail from my tutor, seems I have my feedback on Thursday (Deep Breath), Just finished typing up my small piece of research on Scanography. Now need to finish the rework on assignment 3 (research and photo editing)and 4 with the slightly different approach, with 2 to complete by the weekend models or subjects (family) permitting.

3rd September

Just got my email informing me the request for submission has been received and I have been going through the assessment guidelines, so I am going to go away and mull over how I want to approach this.

4th September

All the reworked assignments are uploaded and I’ve messaged my tutor this evening to inform him and that includes assignment 5 where I have swapped out a few of the images to remove some of the artefacts present. Next steps is awaiting invitation to submit, but there is a no small measure of work I need to do in the meantime.

11th September

Received my

20th September

Started to make some headway on my approach to assessment and have setup an assessment link on my Learning Log to consolidate all my work. I haven’t decided on my best work yet or the final set of images I want use of even the evidence. I have some ideas but just too tired to look at it today.

21st September

After firing off an email to my tutor about whether I should use reworked assignments, I have been able to decide on a way forward, so I will consolidate my evidence into learning outcome entries on my learning log and these will be filed together in a PDF document for each outcome which will include all the appropriate links.

22nd September

Managed to get quite a bit done today with the documents for Outcomes 1-4 setup and I almost two thirds of the way through in completing them. In the meantime I have chosen 5 images from assignment 5 to use as my body of work. I’ve also selected 11 images to use for my presentation and I will have these printed on fine art paper and film the workflow and handling to give some sense of scale to it. I got some ideas for my essay and will start to make inroads on that this evening before work.




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