Hi there,

My name is Andy, by night I am normally sorting parcels ready for delivery to store for a well known fashion retailer. By day I bake, paint, garden, draw, photograph amongst other things. I have worked in various fields over the years including Newspaper production, Customer Service, Distribution and Management.

My interest in Art has been with me since I was a child and have worked with various mediums over the years to varying degrees of success. The ones that have stayed with me have been illustration as I use this a great deal in planning and detailing jobs to be done from garden planning to creating work spaces. The other has been photography, having spent years manipulating images for adverts and editorial for a local newspaper to getting my first digital camera. I love photographing landscapes, nothing better than being alone on some hillside waiting for the sun to rise in the morning. I own a Canon 550D with a small array of lenses and a fixed lens 35mm Digital and my trusty iPhone for  HDR work and a cheeky Panoramic.

I decided to study to improve my practical skills and learn how to better focus on what I am trying to achieve in my work. I expect that this field of study will give me the tools to do this. I enjoy being hands on with anything I do, so I look forward to that. I expect I will struggle with theory, but we shall see.